Ports of Call

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Antalya - Turkey,

Vast archaeological sites, such as Termessos, a Psidian city built at a height of 1050, are among this city’s treasures. The picturesque city stretches along a beautiful harbor that bears its name.

Port Antalya - Turkey,

Bergen, Norway

Norway`s second largest city with a population of around 200,000, Bergen is a destination of architectural, historical and natural fascination. The city lies facing the sea with a dramatic backdrop of seven hills. Some 50,000 tourists visit Bergen annually, attracted by the beauty of the region and the accessibility of Norway`s spectacular fjords. Bergen`s port has throughout its history been crucial to the city`s prosperity - and even the very survival of its people. In 1702, when a fire swept through the wooden houses of the then village of Bergen, the sea provided an escape route for thousands.

Port Bergen, Norway

Cagliari, Italy

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and its main port. The city dates back to the pre-historic times and has been dominated by various people through the ages.

Port Cagliari, Italy

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark and center of Danish commerce and government was founded by the famous Bishop Abaslon. The most renowned attraction is Tivoli, the city’s nonstop amusement center. At the Rosenborg Castle, the Danish crown jewels are on display.

Port Copenhagen, Denmark

Flam, Norway

This small and charming town conveniently lies between Oslo and Bergen. Located in innermost corner of the Aurlandsfjord it offers some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery.

Port Flam, Norway

Geiranger, Norway

It is hard to imagine that this peaceful little village was a major port for the Vikings. It lies at the head of the Geirangerfjord and is one of the most picturesque of all Norwegian settlements.

Port Geiranger, Norway


The small village of Gudvangen, on Norway’s Sognefjord, is 80 nautical miles from the sea. A winding mountain road leads visitors to spectacular waterfalls, lush green hills and pastoral landscapes.

Port Gudvangen,

Hellesylt, Norway

Enjoy the fresh air and spellbinding scenery of this small village nestled at the end of the breathtaking Synnylvsfjord. A magnificent waterfall is one of its natural treasures

Port Hellesylt,  Norway

Helsinki, Finland

The “White City of the North”, is a tribute to modern Finnish design. From its extraordinary harbor market to the stunning examples of the world’s most beautiful architecture, Helsinki is a feast for the eyes. Finland’s capital is built on a peninsula and is skirted by islands that dot the harbor.

Port Helsinki, Finland

Kiel Canal,

A 99-km masterpiece of engineering that connects the North and Baltic seas.

Port Kiel Canal,

Olden, Norway

This resort village is spread out between the fjord and its significant lake, it is the portal for excursions to Norway’s (and Europe’s) biggest glacier, Jostedalsbreen.

Port Olden, Norway

St.Petersburg, Russia

An overnight in St. Petersbung allows ample time to explore the “City of Czars,” who built magnificent palaces and monuments for their pleasure. The Winter Palace is now the Hermitage museum, home to an astounding collection of paintings and sculpture. You can also visit the Yusupov Palace, where Rasputin was murdered, or Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin, 25 kilometers south of St. Petersburg.

Port St.Petersburg, Russia

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden is a city built on 14 islands separated by wide days, broad channels and narrow waterways. Its many museums depict Stockholm’s Viking heritage and artistic soul. The contrast between old and new is striking in the heart of the capital.

Port Stockholm, Sweden

Tripoli, Libya

The capital of Libya has been sedimented in the 12 th Century BC by the Phoenicians and after it became a Roman colony (Ocea). In 643 AD it came under the Arabic domination and then it became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1551. As an important gateway between Africa and Europe, commerce prospered through the years. The most important monuments are the Roman Triumphal Arch, which was erected in honour of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the mosques of Karamanli and Gurgi and a Spanish fortress of the 16 th Century. The ancient city of Sabratha, very close to Tripoli, is remarkable for its Greek-Roman Theatre and its byzantine churches.

Port Tripoli, Libya

Trondheim, Norway

As the first capital of Norway, it holds a special place in Norwegian history and culture. Neighboring the Trondheim fjord, it is a popular destination for many expeditions. Visit the impressive Nidaros Cathedral or see the statue of Viking King Olav Tryggvason as you stroll through the marketplace.

Port Trondheim, Norway