Ports of Call

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Ft Lauderdale (Florida), USA

Built on the site of an 1893 fort, this city is a popular winter resort for good reason. The area has 270 miles of waterways, an enormous marina and one of Florida’s most popular beaches.

Port Ft Lauderdale (Florida), USA

Houston TX, USA

The largest city in Texas and an island seaport is linked to the Gulf of Mexico by the Houston Ship Channel. The city is one of the top manufacturing and financial centers for the South of the U.S.A.

Port Houston TX, USA

Key West (Florida), USA

Renowned for its laid back lifestyle and colorful characters, Key West has a fascinating history full of pirates, smugglers and shipwreck. Just 90 miles from Cuba, it is Caribbean island with all the comforts of home.

Port Key West (Florida), USA

Los Angeles (California), USA

This vibrant and diverse city is the home of glitzy Hollywood, Beverly Hills, fashionable Rodeo Drive, Universal Studios, museums and more. It also offers plentiful surfside entertainment.

Port Los Angeles (California), USA

New York City, USA

The most famous city in the world, that, for good or bad, represents more than any other the industry of man, the need to work together, to grow, and to give life to something that is long-lasting and admirable.      New York, perhaps even more so after the tragedy of September 11th, is a city whose immensity, whose deep sense of fulfilment yet continuous and incessant development, without doubt captures the collective imagination.      But before the cement and development, before the arrival of the Europeans, this region, now New York State, was inhabited by the Algonquians and the Iroquois. The Iroquois in particular had a very large community around what would become the Hudson River. The native population survived on hunting and fishing and could do nothing about the European invasion which, although not violent towards them, resulted in them immediately being driven inland. The city subsequently extended along the shoreline at a great pace.

Port New York City, USA

Port Canaveral (Florida), USA

This waterfront recreational venue is the home of the Kennedy Space Center and many other attractions. It is also the gateway to Orlando’s amusement parks, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne shores.

Port Port Canaveral (Florida), USA