Ports of Call

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Barbados, West Indies

Barbados is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands. The western shore has soft, sandy beaches while the more rugged east coast offers dramatic rock formations formed by the pounding of the Atlantic Ocean.

Port Barbados, West Indies

Castries, Saint Lucia

Located at the southern end of the crescent formed by the Windward Islands. St Lucia offers soft, sandy beaches, a densely lush interior, and a volcano known as La Soufriere.

Port Castries, Saint Lucia

Curacao (N.A.), Caribbean

This hospitable Dutch outpost in the Caribbean located only 40 miles of the South American coast. The first class hotels, crystal clear seawater and secluded bays, fascinating architecture, floating market, pontoon bridge, rich fauna and flora, make this charming island a vacation paradise.

Port Curacao (N.A.), Caribbean

French Guyana, French Guyana

If weather permits, look forward to visiting the isle notorious as the penal colony where ‘Papillon’ launched his daring escape. Watch for the Scarlet Ibis, a beautiful species of bird that nests in the mangroves.

Port French Guyana, French Guyana

Guadeloupe, French West Indies

Guadeloupe is actually two islands, Grand-Terre and Basse-Terre, separated by a narrow channel. A ‘department’ of France, its habitants are French citizens and share the same language and customs.

Port Guadeloupe, French West Indies

Martinique, French West Indies

An island of flowers, Martinique is one of the most beautiful sports in the Caribbean. Tour the lush interior or shop for French luxury goods in the colonian city of Fort de France.

Port Martinique, French West Indies

Nassau, Bahamas

Take a stroll through the Straw Market near the pier, try your luck in the casino or hop over to Paradise Island for swimming and sandy beaches.

Port Nassau, Bahamas

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

With its swaying palms, glistening white beaches and sophisticated resorts, Ocho Rios is a favorite vacation spot. For a splendid view, visit Shaw Park Gardens, overflowing with fragrant flora and refreshing waterfalls.

Port Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Portsmouth, Dominican Republic

The volcanic origins and the majestic landscape, combined with the crystal clear waters make it an ideal destination for those with an adventurous soul.

Port Portsmouth, Dominican Republic

Rosseau, Dominican Republic

The main town of this island nation, is Dominica’s main commercial and transportation center. You will find a number of charming old buildings still intact as well as a 40-acre botanical gardens dating from 1890.

Port Rosseau, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, founded in 1496 by the brother of Christopher Columbus, is the oldest European settlement in the New World and site of the oldest university in the Americas. Excellent examples of the colonial architecture include the cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, where the remains of Christopher Columbus are believed to being buried.

Port Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

Gustavia is the capital of this chic resort island, often called the St. Tropez of the Caribbean. Only eight square miles, St. Barts is both intimate and sophisticated.

Port St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

‘Land of turtle doves’, Tortola overlooks the Sir Francis Drake Channel and features a friendly, laid back lifestyle. Savvy shoppers can find bargains in perfume, jewelry, wine and Wedgewood china, but the real ‘finds’are in unique antiques, silk-screened fabrics and watercolors by local artists.

Port Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Trinidad, West Indies

Trinidad is home to the Asa Wright Nature Center and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, two of the Caribbean’s best known conservation centers. Visit the sanctuary at sunset to witness a vibrant display of tropical birds returning to their nests.

Port Trinidad, West Indies

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

This pristine island features exotic grottos and natural pools formed by giant boulders stretching across its white sand beaches. Snorkeling and scuba diving fans, as well as exploring souls will found delight in every corner of this charming eden.

Port Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands