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Antofagasta, Chile

This is a land of fascinating contrasts and full of archeological and cultural wealth. Explore the barrenness of the Atacama Desert; the fertility of the Azapa Valley and Pica Oasis; the amazing rock formations of the Valle de la Luna; the Tatio Geysers; or the numerous thermal springs.

Port Antofagasta, Chile

Baia Garibaldi, Chile

Once a fishing village, today Bahia Garibaldi is a dynamic little town, a good starting point for excursions into the wild Tierra del Fuego and a natural paradise for thousands of fascinating animal species.

Port Baia Garibaldi, Chile

Belem (Icoraci), Brazil

Belem stands at the gateway to the mysterious Amazon, bearing all the gifts of the jungle. Enjoy the bounty in Ver-O-Peso Brazil’s largest outdoor market.

Port Belem (Icoraci), Brazil

Belize City, Belize

Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize is a charming stop on the Maya route. North of Belize City is Altun-Ha, a Maya ruin discovered in 1957 by a road construction crew. Several buildings, including a 60-foot temple, have been excavated.

Port Belize City, Belize

Boca da Valeria, Brazil

A typical Caboclo village on the banks of the Amazon River, Boca da Valeria welcomes passengers with an opportunity to witness native Amazon culture.

Port Boca da Valeria, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Smart and sophisticated, Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most glamorous cities. Try dinner at one of the fabulous steak houses followed by tango dancing in a chic nightclub. Tours are also offered to a nearby ‘estancia’ where you can see authentic gauchos at work.

Port Buenos Aires, Argentina

Callao (Lima), Peru

Callao is your port of entry for Lima, the darling of Peru. This elegant city offers priceless treasures in its many museums and is the gateway for tours to the mysterious Nazca Lines and to Lima, the ‘City of the Kings’.

Port Callao (Lima), Peru

Cape Horn (passing), Chile

Weather permitting we’ll cruise past Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America. For centuries prior to the opening of the Panama Canal, this was the route taken by all mariners sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Port Cape Horn (passing), Chile

Coquimbo, Chile

The natural protection of the bay provides excellent anchoring in ‘quiet waters’- the original meaning of Coquimbo.The land is rich with beautiful beaches, and dramatic landscapes. It is full of mystery and legends about pirates and corsairs. Although not officially established until 1850, the 1840’s mining boom brought many Europeans to the area, which now shows English Spanish colonian style architecture.

Port Coquimbo, Chile

Fortaleza, Brazil

The exotic and exciting capital of Ceara and a seaport on the Atlantic Ocean. It was occupied by the Dutch from 1637 to 1654.It is well-known for its handicrafts.

Port Fortaleza, Brazil

Ilheus , Brazil

The sophisticated city of Ilheus, on the Atlantic coast 400km south of Salvador de Bahia, has a rich cultural heritage in addition to a number of splendid beaches. It is the birthplace of writer Jorge Amado, author of probably Brazil`s most internationally renowned novel, `Gabriela, Cravo e Canela` (Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon). Set in the city, a tour of Ilheus brings the novel to life, particularly at the bar Vezuvio in Praccedil a Dom Eduardo which in Amado`s masterpiece is owned by his main character Nacib.

Port Ilheus , Brazil

La Guaira (Caracas), Venezuela

Due to its proximity to the capital city of Caracas, this was Venezuela’s first commercial and the most important port. It is your gateway to the capital, the Murano factory and Mount Avila where you may admire the spectacular views of the Caribbean on one side, the city of Caracas and South America on the other.

Port La Guaira (Caracas), Venezuela

Maceio, Brazil

The capital of a region of Brazil that still has to be discovered by tourism, Maceio has breathtaking beaches that are equipped with high-quality tourist infrastructure. A holiday here will guarantee you fun 24 hours a day.

Port Maceio, Brazil

Manaus, Brazil

In its heyday, Manaus was famous for the extravagant lifestyle and architecture of the 19th century rubber barons who made their fortunes here. The renovated opera house stands as an opulent testament to their vast wealth.

Port Manaus, Brazil

Manta, Ecuador

One of the main attractions in the Manta area is Montecristi, a colonial village dating back to the early 1600’s. Manta, the center for Panama hats and wickerwork, is the starting point for optional tours to Quito and the Galapagos Islands. Also popular is the coastal Machalilla National Park.

Port Manta, Ecuador

Montevideo, Uruguay

Not only is Montevideo Uruguay’s capital, but it dominates the South American nation’s culture and commerce. The Palacio Salvo on Plaza Indipendencia recently underwent major exterior renovation, and the city hall’s viewing platform offers an excellent vista of the city.

Port Montevideo, Uruguay

Patagonian Channels (cruising), Chile

The breathtaking beauty of the Patagonian Channels and Chilean fjords rival anything to be found in Alaska or Scandinavia. The rugged landscape, pristine glaciers and abundant wildlife make sailing this area one of the highlights of your cruise.

Port Patagonian Channels (cruising), Chile

Port Limon, Costa Rica

The small country of Costa Rica offers a great deal to the visitor, from the rain forests of the interior to sophisticated shopping in San Jose, the capital. A full day in port lets you make the most of your visit here.

Port Port Limon, Costa Rica

Port Stanley, Falklands

Slightly more than 2000 people live in the Falkland Islands, a controversial piece of real estate about size of Connecticut. Most residents are involved in sheep farming or fishing- the two pillars of the Falklands economy. Tourism has increased since the 1982 conflict, and the Falklands are recognized as an exceptional destination for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Port Port Stanley, Falklands

Portobelo, Brazil

After having discovered Brazil in 1500, the Portuguese visited the Garoupas region many times in their quest to occupy and colonise the land. However, the region was not rich in gold mines, which at the time was the Portuguese monarch`s main interest.

Port Portobelo, Brazil

Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Gateway to the Valdes Peninsula, a wildlife reserve which is a breeding ground for sea elephants and a wide variety of sea mammals and birds. Antarctica doves and cormorants nest on gravel beaches while white whales mate and calve off jagged coastline.

Port Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Puerto Montt, Chile

Puerto Montt at the southern terminus of the Pan American highway, is a charming town in Chile’s beautiful Lake District. Founded by German immigrants, the town is reminiscent of a Bavarian village in a setting of great natural beauty.

Port Puerto Montt, Chile

Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Located 180 miles upriver, Puerto Ordaz is a growing metropolis at the convergence of the Orinoco and Caroni Rivers. From here you can take an optional flight-seeing excursion over Angel Falls and visit the jungle camp of Canaima in Canaima National Park. Located in a spectacular natural setting, Angel Falls is the higher waterfall in the world –15 times higher than Niagara Falls –where the rushing torrent falls 3,200 feet in a matter of seconds. The Falls were named after American aviator and explorer Jimmy Angel who reported their existence in 1935.

Port Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

The name of the lively capital of Guatemala City, honors the beautiful, iridescent Quetzal bird, sacred to the Maya. Discover the riches of modern Mayas, such as elaborate woven textiles, each telling stories of their heritage.

Port Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Punta Arenas, Chile

The capital of Chile’s Magallanes region, this former whaling town has several interesting museums of indigenous art. Take an optional tour of Chile’s Patagonia region for a look at the area’s fascinating flora and fauna.

Port Punta Arenas, Chile

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Every year the South America elite retreat to their summer homes in Punta del Este. This exclusive seaside resort is filled with elegant shops and expensive restaurants surrounding a picturesque harbor filled with sleek yachts.

Port Punta del Este, Uruguay

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Located on a narrow and long peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya, it is the country’s most important fishing port. It is a cheerful town offering various bars, restaurants and open-air cafes along the beach.

Port Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Recife, Brazil

The "Venice of Brazil" stretches over bridges and canals and is protected by a coral barrier reef. Not far from Recife is Olinda, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both Recife`s and Olinda`s famous carnivals are wonderful.

Port Recife, Brazil

Rhodes, Greece

The beautiful "Island of Roses" has a rich and varied history. A mix of modern & medieval, fascinates and impresses each visitor. On a hill above the charming town of Lindos rises an ancient acropolis dedicated to the goddess Athens. Below lies the bay of St.Paul where the apostle landed during his voyages. The crusading Knights of St.John left the medieval city of Rhodes behind when they were defeated by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. The Ottoman Turks then occupied Rhodes for almost 400 years, leaving mosques, minarets and a Turkish bath to mark their presence.

Port Rhodes, Greece

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seasoned travelers call it the most beautiful city in the world. Vast stretches of soft sandy beaches and rugged mountains with lush jungles frame a fascinating city that moves to a Samba beat.

Port Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Romance Glacier, Chile

Romance Glacier belongs to Chile and is situated in the Patagonian Beagle Channel, named after the ship on which Darwin sailed the channel in 1832. There are impressive views of snow-clad peaks, rivers, waterfalls and dense woods.

Port Romance Glacier, Chile

Salavery (Trujillo), Peru

It is the port of Trujillo, the ‘Lordly City’ whose elegant mansions and churches reflect the aristocracy of the Spanish colonial era. Here you may opt for a thrilling excursion to Chan Chan, an immense and magnificent enclave which was the center of the sophisticated Chimu culture.

Port Salavery (Trujillo), Peru

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

One of the Brazil’s most important cities and a major tourist attraction, Salvador de Bahia is a fascinating blend of cultures. Fine examples of colonial architecture are found in the old town, and the city is a center for local artisans and craftsmen.

Port Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

San Andres, Colombia

Just eight miles long, this idyllic isle offers white sand beaches and excellent water sports. In the lively port area, you can browse among a variety of goods from porcelain to Colombian emeralds.

Port San Andres, Colombia

San Juan, Puerto Rico

El Morro, a colonial fortress, guards San Juan’s harbor. Take an excursion to the El Yunque rain forest or explore the narrow streets and colonial architecture of bustling Old San Juan.

Port San Juan, Puerto Rico

Santarem, Brazil

On the banks of the Amazon, Santarem serves as an important supply center for the miners and prospectors in the region. At Alter do Chao, on the Rio Tapajos, you can swim in the pristine waters of an Amazon tributary, or visit the museum of Indigenous Art.

Port Santarem, Brazil

Santo Tomas de Castillo, Guatemala

Santo Tomas was built by United Fruit in the early 1900’s as a ‘company town’. Today it provides us with easy access by a plane for an optional excursion to the spectacular Maya ruins of Tikal. Or visit Quirigua on an optional motorcoach excursion.

Port Santo Tomas de Castillo, Guatemala

Santos, Brazil

The city centre is a maze of back streets and alleyways, with most business being concentrated around the port. There are more than 400 km of coastline with sand and rocks, small inlets and even an area that looks like a Mediterranean riviera.

Port Santos, Brazil

Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), Argentina

Laying claim to the title of southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is the largest settlement of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire). Located on the north shore of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia is the jumping-off point for local boat tours of the narrow channel and its many remote islands, home to fur seals, sea lions and cormorant colonies.

Port Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), Argentina

Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile

This charming resort is the gateway to the capital city of Santiago, where you can tour the incredible per-Columbia Art Museum and San Francisco Church.

Port Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile